USB socket problem

Hello digirig-gers!
I have an issue with the usb socket on the Digirig that turns a problem. It begins losing sporadically my com port. But now doesn’t work at all.
I first try different usb cables but no susses. But I notice with each cable a very short time when try to disconnect them from Digirig my radio go to TX.
I’m assuming it’s a faulty usb socket.
Any helpful advice is appreciated!
I have three of them and I love this little cubes!
Thanks in advance,

Jorge VE3EAD

The USB connection issues are not isolated to COM port. If either serial port or the sound card are still in the device manager then the problem is not with USB connection.

Does the COM port disruption coincides with the radio transmitting? This can be a case of RFI.

Re. serial port not working at all: do you still see the CP210x entry in the device manager? You can perform a function test with a loopback:

Thanks for the input Denis! I lost the audio too. When I connect/disconnect the usb cable, Device Manager doesn’t change.

So no entry CP210x under ports and no USB Audio or USB PnP Sound device under sound?
In this case the issue is ether port, cable or Digirig. Try different ports, computers and cables first. Cable must be data capable, not just charging.

I had erratic USB troubles and the cure was to cure RFI by changing USB rig cable to this shielded one:

Doug, K8RFT

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I use one of those with my IC-7300. For Digirig you’ll need USB-C cable. The shielded option with ferrites available here: