Usb soundcard failure after one TX?

My DigiRig’s soundcard interface failed after a single transmit (the 9600/cat cable for ftm-300dr), i used another laptop and it has the same failure condition. I ordered a new DigiRig, and this time the usb isolator and the short usb-c to a shielded cable?
Any idea if RF might have blown up the DigiRig or anyway to repair it? They are only $60/each, but if i have to replace them frequently, something more expensive might be a better value. Very cool product though

This will be the first report of this issue. Can be coincidental.
I’ll take care of the failed unit, please PM for the repair arrangements.

I had RF problems before I

  1. put RF chokes on my USB cables
  2. started using remote antennas with chokes on the antenna lead lines

but I never damaged the Digirig with RF. I hope @K0TX can tell you how to check out your Digirigs or examine them himself.

73 Constrainted

Yes, the components have high ratings for ESD and can take a beating.

ESD (HBM) ESD human body mode ±4000 V
ESD (MM) ESD machine mode ±200 V

ESD protection up to 4 kilovolts on all USB pins

CP2102 doesn’t post ratings, but the IC is behind USB hub on computer side and has current limiting resistors on the radio side.