I have the USDX+ radio. A few months ago I set it up with the Digirig and WSIT-X. I had everything working well at that time. I’m trying to set it up again and I can’t get it to work right. It is receiving well, the waterfall looks right and it’s decoding. I’m getting rig control error. I must have a setting wrong. For rig I have none and PTT set to RTS and port to USB. On Audio I have the usb sound device. Should I be selecting a rig and if so which one? Anything else?


PTT port needs to be set to Digirig’s COM port.
Rig stays at “none” unless you have serial CAT connection. has a video on how to setup basic digital modes using the Kenwood 480 format for the tr usdx he and PE1NNZ designed.

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I have the same issue…
My set up is receiving/decoding really well but when I try to transmit it gets Rig Control error…

If CAT control works fine up until the time you transmit then it’s likely a case of RFI… This topic is covered in “sticky PTT” section of the troubleshooting guide.

Before trying to use CAT control, are you able to operate with the hardware PTT?

rig=none, PTT=RTS