Using the Digrig on multiple devices

I suspect this is a dumb question but I bought a digirig kit for my G90 and I’d like to use it with my FTM-300DR. Do I just need the cable? The rig ‘little box’ is the same thing? Just with a different cable interface?

No dumb questions here! You are not the first person to ask this question.

As far as I know, the Xiegu G90 and the Yaesu FTM-300DR both use the default configuration of the Digirig, “logic levels.”

If neither of your radios needs the input signal attenuated, or both need them attenuated, the same Digirig can be used. In my experience, you can not determine this ahead of time, only with use.

Let us know how it works out.

73 Constrainted

Yaesu FTM-x00 radios use RS-232 levels for the serial port, but you can still re-use the same Digirig with both radios because

  1. not all FTM models support CAT control so getting a separate RS-232 Digirig may not make a difference if your radio makes no use of it
  2. CAT control is an optional convenience feature and you can just use logic levels Digirig with your Yaesu for base functionality (audio + PTT) without connecting the serial port.

I’m yet to have a complete picture as to what FTM models have what serial port capabilities. There is potentially a serial CAT control, memory programming etc. It would be great to hear from FTM operators about the features they were able to enjoy.

Thanks for correcting my error Denis @K0TX . I will back away from offering advice about radios I do not own. I do have an FTM-6000R, but only use audio and PTT, not CAT, with my Digirigs.

73 Constrainted

No worries. Would you be interested in trying serial port functionality with your FTM-6000R?
I can arrange a cable for that if you don’t already have one.

Thanks for the kind offer. I have the right cabling for CAT. I have not put any effort into CAT control since there is no CHIRP support to code plug.

73 Constrainted

Thanks for the info!

Indirectly related - I am going to set up a thumb drive for each radio with the digital applications I use on it. That way there is no worry about changing and storing settings and, it can be independent of computers for the most part.