Utilizing Digirig on microcontroller without CP2102 driver

Howdy all,

I have the desire to integrate a digirig into a portable, power efficient form factor device that is controlled via microcontroller. The digirig is a fantastic sound card/control device with large support and I would love to integrate it into more of my projects. However, the biggest issue I am dealing with is implementing the entire digirig system via USB. For instance, on a teensy 4.1, it has a USB host port but I cannot find any CP2102 drivers for the USB to UART chipset inside the digirig. I need this driver to utilize CAT functionality.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can modify the design to bypass the CP2102 chip? I have access to UART and other serial devices on the microcontrollers.

Thanks for the help!

Do you need serial port in your project or just hardware PTT?

Ideally, I’d have both CAT and PTT. I think I can implement a CAT implementation just straight off of the UART interface and right into the ADM3101E.

You can ignore Digirig’s onboard UART and use one of the GPIOs in your project for PTT with transistors on Digirig’s board or on your own. The CP2102 chip will need to stay on board because it is also used as 3.3V regulator.

You’ll only need to tap into ADM3101E if you interfacing radio that uses RS-232 levels. Refer to the schematic at: Digirig Mobile Rev 1.9 – digirig