Vara fm and vara hf

Hello, in VARA HF version 4.7.7, there is an encryption section. Has anyone tried this? I would like to know about the results. Also, is there anyone who can share VARA FM version 4.3.6? I am having difficulty finding previous versions. The latest version is 4.3.7.

As i’m in the u.s., encryption isn’t allowed for me so i’m no help there.
be sure your region allows encryption over amateur radio.
or your region allows digital traffic on the non amateur band you’re interested in.

as for older versions, the author has indicated that backward compatibility isn’t a priority from version to version.
running the current version is the best way to ensure others will be able to connect to you.

was there a major feature deletion between versions that you’re needing to use?

good luck

thank you. Actually, when I looked at it, it was written that the encryption feature came in the version I mentioned, that is, in the previous version, I wondered how it looked.

From the release notes, I understood that at one point, US law enforcement and public service agencies asked the author to create encryption capability (AES?) in Vara modem, which he worked on, I guess. Perhaps there was a special, non-public release for agencies. Who knows?

I have personally experienced the lack of backward compatibility in releases!

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There is an open forum for Vara: | Home

and a closed forum for Winlink on google groups.

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The same application is used for both encrypted and unencrypted. The short version, is that if you don’t know how to enable it, you’re not supposed to.

If and when it is enabled, the background of the modem changes to a different color and the log file will indicate if an encrypted session was in use.