VARA FM: Auto Tune needs more audio (Drive Level +0dB)

Currently running a V1.,9 Digirig and when I originally set it up, the sound levels were pretty high. I had to cut the ATT pad in order to get the sound levels into the ‘approved’ sound levels for VARA FM.

Lately, I’ve noticed in VARA FM, if I run the Auto Tune, the results are indicating I need to increase the audio slider up for more audio (the returned Drive Level is +0dB). However, I have the audio level up all the way to 100 already.

Is there anything I can do other than to place a drop of solder back across the ATT pads?

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There may be multiple level options chained up: in system mixer, in software, in radio. Make sure you exhaust all the software/configuration options before resorting to hardware modifications.

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