VARA FM screen shows no audio input

HI all, let me preface this with I’m an old guy with limited computer skills. Following the Digirig youtube video for setting up a digirig for vara on a HT I thought all went well. had to install the driver but that was easy enough. When I brought up vara to check it all out the audio input needle is in the yellow and not moving. I have the sound settings at 20 as suggested on the video. I.m at a loss at this point. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Craig

You can hear the audio that comes into the Digirig from the transceiver on the computer’s speakers by checking “listen” on Digirig’s recording device.

Check the troubleshooting guide for more info on this and other diagnostic options.

Thanks for the reply, I checked I do have the “listen” checked. One thing I noticed is in the sound section I see bars in the microphone setting, it is set as default as per the video and I’ve clicked on the digirig. Hope that makes sense. I feel like I’m missing something simple here. Thanks

OK, the audio input appears to be working now. When I did the test I still got “no signal” , I’m using a Baofeng, The station I’m trying for is about 10 miles away. Could it be an antenna Issue. Thanks again.

Glad you are reporting some progress. The explanations K0TX has given should be all you need.

When I was getting my Baofeng working for digital modes, it was important to have Squelch set to 0, completely off. The background noise is visible on the Vara FM VU meter. Try to set the volume knob on the radio to give about 1pm setting on the meter.

Your radio will receive the distant station’s signal even if it is not strong enough to overcome squelch. Also, the RMS Winlink stations do not use a PL tone or offset frequency. Your radio settings should be simplex.

I also have only had reliable success with Vara FM with the antenna separate from the handset, either a magmount or a roll-up J-pole style antenna.

73 Chris KC3QVF