VARA FM Wide bandwidth

Have you seen VARA FM Wide pass data through a Digirig Mobile at wide speeds? I mean speeds greater than 14,000 bits/second, which are only supported by the wide modes of VARA FM. The VARA display might look like this. VARA FM speeds are listed here.

If you’ve seen this, please tell us about the radio, antenna, computer and software versions you used.

I’m not sure a Digirig Mobile has enough audio bandwidth to do this. Demonstration of such a high data rate would be evidence that it does. I’m not equipped to test it.

If radio can handle the wider bandwidth, Digirig will not be a bottleneck.
The standard voice band in ham is 2.4K while Digirig’s bandwidth is 24K (48K sampling rate) so there is quite a bit of margin.

That’s a plausible theory, but is there any empirical evidence to support it?

From what I’m reading it looks like Barry K3EUI is well equipped to settle this question. I’ll try to make a connection and post the update.

Jeff WX7OR said he saw VARA FM Wide level 12 going through a Digirig Mobile. That’s good news.

Yep, 47k transfer speeds are reported with Digirig in the same thread.
Thanks to Vara Modem community for running the tests.