Vara FM with an Anytone 578UViii Pro

So, I just was able to make my first Winlink over RF transmission using Digirig, Vara FM & my Anytone 578UViii Pro. Ive been chasing this concept for so long its not even funny. Anytones are not the best for digital modes unless you are talking DMR. I picked up the Digirig a week or so ago. The digirig was the easy part it’s pretty much plug & play but the software & settings were all greek to me. It took many long hours to work through it but I managed to unlock a new HAM skill & capability. I was able to finally get all of the software & settings configured to make it work. I’m beaming with joy right now. There was not much to go on out there regarding how to make this work with Anytones so I wanted to add something to the forum about it to help the next guy.

My Station Details:
-MacBook Air running a Windows 10 virtual machine.
-Vara FM
-Anytone 578UViii Pro
settings to change… Radio Settings–>Hand Type–>Volt Detect.
Radio Settings–>AnaSqLevel–>0
-Anytone 878UVii Plus
settings to change… Radio Settings–>AnaSqLevel–>0
(very touchy about RF interference hanging the PTT in Tx so make sure you use quality cables & a USB Isolator).

Thanks for a great Product Digirig!

p.s. Denis is extremely helpful in the customer service/tech support department. So, don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form in the website. Sorry if I was a headache Denis! Thanks for all your help & responsiveness.



Congratulations on your success!

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JD, glad to hear you got your Anytone on the digital modes.
No worries, re support requests. This is my hobby too and I’ll use any old excuse to talk about or play with radios.