VarAC v8.2.0, Vara HF v4.7.7, truSDX, Digirig v1.9, Windows11 working configuration

I recently upgraded to VarAC v8.2.0. It is a keyboard mode which uses Vara HF modem. I used Digirig v1.9 with truSDX firmware 2.00i successfully in the past with v7.x.x, and also with this new VarAC v8.2.0. I use Digirig for input and output audio and PTT over COM port.

VarAC pushes the operator to move the QSO off the center frequency. Without CAT control, I do this QSY manually. After practice, I now do it pretty smoothly. Keep Auto-QSY unset in the config.

The control panel has changed quite a bit, but the configuration panel has not. Here is my working config:

Maybe this will help someone get on the air.

73 Constrainted

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