Varafm to digirig to bofang

I have configured my lap top with winlink, varafm to digirig to bofang. Everything seems to be operating properly. The radio is sending the tone but varafm is not picking it up. I’ve tuned a different radio and i can hear the tone. The meter on varafm is registering the tone. It is going to red then back to green.

Which side is not picking up? Your station or remote station?
The reason is likely poor RF conditions or audio levels needing adjustment.
If you are in ballpark with the audio levels, try Vara’s auto calibration feature.

I’m sure the station is picking up. It’s a local repeater. I can talk and receive on it with my bofang. Vara fm works on it with my icom7100. I’m thinking it must be my bofang audio. I can hear the tone on my second radio. I’ve tried to adjust the output volume on the radio and I’ve adjusted the volume on varafm. Maybe I just haven’t found the right combination.

Ok, I started reading the instructions for setting the sounds. I know my varafm and computer settings work with my icom 7100. I’m afraid of I start changing settings on varafm for my bofang, it won’t work on my ic7100. Is it possible to install another varafm, rename it and use that one for my bofang? KO4QWS