VX6R and Chirp and digirig

My new digirig VX6R cable just arrived but it’s not appearing as simple as Chirp would have me believe.

The COM3 port is verified and I see the Digirig listed under the Device manager (PnP under sounds) and Silicon Labs listed under ports.

I have the new cable plugged into the audio section on the digirig.

I follow the Chirp instructions to get it into clone mode. And I end up with an error that says “Failed to communicate with the radio: No response from radio”

My google searching isn’t helping me get much further. What would I be missing?

VX6R cable is for audio + PTT enabling the digital modes.
It doesn’t support serial programming.

Here’s a sudo related question. Using my android phone, is there any special drivers needed to trip the audio before it gets to the VX-6x?


Okay. So I’ll do something different for programming then. Not sure how I misunderstood that.

If the software that you use supports RTS as the PTT method then it’s the matter of setting that choice in the software configuration. If this option is not available then you’ll need to fall back on transceiver’s VOX feature which needs to be turned on in the radio and it doesn’t require anything on the Android’s side.