Waterfall Fades after QSOs FT8


I’m running a MacBook, TX-500 and DigiRig (for the TX-500) and WSJT-X FT8.

After a few QSOs the waterfall thins out and then most of the stations disappear. A restart of just WSJTX fixes the problem…

I have tried numerous setups and just can’t seem find the problem. I use WSJTX quite a bit with my other rigs and haven’t had any problems… so now I’m wondering if something might be going on with the radio or the DigiRig

Thanks for any ideas,


Here is what I’m seeing… And no its not a change in propagation… Everything comes back after a restart of WSJT-X

That’s frustrating! It is not clear to me, since I do not use the MacBook or the TX-500. Power supply, slow AGC…? AGC must be unset for the Digirig audio microphone, but I do not know how to do that on the MacBook.

73 Constrainted

This behavior has been reported on this forum:

I don’t want to draw a conclusion. Please take a look and judge for yourself.

73 Constrainted

Ah thanks…. I didn’t find those in my searches…. (which I’ve been doing for days)

I also tried on windows parallels side and the problem is there as well. I can test when I get home in a couple weeks on my cheap PC to see if it’s a MAC issue.

I need to find an alternative to test on the Mac….

I just ordered the direct audio cables from DigiRig…

Any idea if this sound card will work with the Mac and TX-500?

Movo USBC-AC2 3.5mm to USB-C Stereo Audio Adapter - External Sound Card for PC, Mac, Android - 3.5mm TRS Headphone Jack and Audio Jack to USB-C Connector - Aux to USB-C Mic Adapter for Gaming Speakers https://a.co/d/fGtoHvD