What I need for my rigs

Have windows 11 dell no usb-a so I have external adapter for C. new to external sound card digital, previous flex and 7300…looking to use my portable radios for ft8 some…
Have for portable, G-90, KX3, and 891…will one digirig work on all 3? What cable options for experienced users with those rigs. Thanks ahead of time for info.
Bert KJ5W

@KJ5W I am not experienced with those rigs. I hope experienced users do post.

I have seen posted previously that the Xiegu G-90 is standard levels, Elecraft KX3 is RS232 logic levels for CAT control, Yaesu FT-891 is standard levels. So one digirig will not work for all three if you want CAT control for the KX3.

Cables for all three are in the Digirig online store.

73 Constrainted

Xiegu G90 - requires logic levels for CAT control
Elecraft KX3 - requires RS-232 for CAT control
Yaesu FT-891 uses it’s own port for CAT control so Digirig in any configuration will work.

You can share a single Digirig between all three if you can pick either G90 or KX3 to be operated without optional CAT control, otherwise you’ll need 2 Digirig units to cover maximum functions with all three rigs.

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