What's digirig for and what to use for a macbook air m1 and Quansheng uv-k5

I have read about this digirig on reddit but I really don’t grasp what’s for.
I have always had enormous difficulties interfacing pc to radio with lots of failures and a few successes.
My actual setup is as follows:
Quansheng UV-K5 (8) and Macbook air M1.
What can I do with digirig?
What cables, if any, should I order? I tried to check the store but there are different cables and some, for direct connection to the pc, others not. And then are there any connectors for the macbook air m1 since it uses just one connector?
What version of digirig?
All of the above, if I first understand what’s digirig for. I would be grateful for a very simple explanation, very down to earth.

Digirig mobile v1.9 provides:

  1. USB interface to communicate with a computer
  2. serial data interface to connect to a radio, maybe to program or update the radio
  3. audio and PTT interface to connect to a radio for digital audio communications.

A program like CHIRP can use the Digirig’s serial port to download and upload radio configurations and repeater settings for an HT.

A program like Winlink + Vara or soundmodem can use the Digirig’s audio/PTT interface to send and receive messages with other operators or a messaging station.

Does that make sense? Denis @K0TX has written Getting Started with Digirig Mobile – digirig.

When you decide your direction, ask again!

73 Constrainted