Winlink packet with Digirig on FT-11R

I was able to check my Winlink mail with the Yaesu FT-11R handheld using this home brew mess of old audio cables through a local packet gateway.
Given the connector on the compatible Yaesu speaker mic, I wonder if there is any reason the Icom HT cable wouldn’t work. Anyone tried it on a Yaesu HT yet?
The spaeker mic pins are about 10mm apart and have only a tip and shield.

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What is the pinout on this radio’s connector? Maybe this cable is a better match:

Handhelds using the 3.5mm/2.5mm 2 prong connector including the FT-411, FT-470 , FT-530, FT-51R, FT-11R, FT-41R, FT-23R, FT-203R, FT-416, FT-703R, FT-109R, FT-109RH, FT-209R, FT-209RH, FT-709R, FT-709RH, FT-727R,

| — | — |
|3.5 Ring|Ground|
|3.5 Tip|Rx audio|
|2.5 Ring|Ground|
|2.5 Tip|Mic Audio|

Found this on pinoutguide .com. It would seem the FT-65 cable has the two prongs too close together to physically fit. I’m not sure how PTT works with these speaker mics that have only 4 connections. My home brew cable just combines(shorts) the Digirig PTT and mic audio. That is accomplished with the silver RCA splitter in the pic. Do you think I can damage the Digirig or radio with this sceme? I see both the Icom and Yaesu have a 2K resistor on the PTT line. The Icom cable scematic shows 10mm spacing which is closer to mine. Mine is 10mm “on center”. I’m willing to try the Icom cable if no one has tried it yet. Thanks.

From what you describe it sounds like the pinout matches both FT-65R and ICOM HT cables. If mechanically ICOM cable is a better fit, I’d give it a try. If you end up giving it a try, please share your findings.

I don’t think you will damage the radio, but there has to be some resistance somewhere on the PTT line (can be internal) when it shares the MIC line, otherwise the dead short will completely shunt the incoming signal.

Got the Icom cable today. Yes it works perfectly with the Yaesu FT-11R handheld.
Checked my Winlink mail on packet and VARA FM.