WoAD Android app with TM-V71a

Brand new to Digirig (and digital modes in general). I bought cables for both my Yaesu FT-1900 and my Kenwood TM-V71a radios. I found some information online for getting the WoAD app (android Winlink client) set up for the Yaesu and it’s working fine. I can’t seem to get anywhere with the TM-V71a though. It seems that WoAD should be configured for KISS rather than audio TNC, but it seems to only have options for Kenwood TH-D72, TH-D74, and TM-D710. Any help would be appreciated.

With Digirig you configure WoAD for Audio TNC, audio on left channel, PTT USB RTS enabled.
Please review other posts related to WoAD for additional information:



Thank you so much. I was overcomplicating it. Setup is essentially the same as my Yaesu then. I just tried it again and realized the rf squelch was turned up too high. I turned it all the way off and it works fine.


I’ve been there! Congratulations on your success.

73 Constrainted