WoAD/Digirig Gateway Connection Issues

Hello all,
I am having issues connecting to RMS gateways using WoAD, Digirig, VX-6xr, and an Android tablet. I’ve been over WoAD and Digirig manual material several times and cannot find the issue. Monitoring transmitted signal, it sounds like a short, high-pitch burst singal with no packet heard (connection signal?) Trying to connect to a gateway only 4 miles away (packet, 1200 baud, simplex) with an external antenna. Is there a setting I am missing?
Thank you in advance,
KE8NCK Thomas

Hopefully somebody has a suggestion that addresses the issue.

My approach would be to avoid troubleshooting multiple areas at the same time.
To rule out everything related to the hardware, I would first establish a successful link using the PC software before proceeding to the tablet based setup.

The Android USB port can be a pain in the caboose. Not as open to days bidirectional as on Win.

Try WoAD first on Telnet. If you cannot get into TN, you cannot get into anything else

I’ll try that and get back with you. Thanks!

Telnet is working just fine, and the tablet is keying the HT through the USB RTT. Wondering if I have an issue with the volume/squelch of my tablet or HT looking at similar topics.

I have the same issue with DR and Android.


Hi Thomas:
Take a look through this other WoAD thread to see if there are any other things that jump out at you for troubleshooting: Digirig support in WoAD - #13 by yo7zro
For me, I’ve noticed it’s easy to over drive your audio, so adjusting your volume to 80% or so may help.
Have you tried that same winlink station with a higher power radio? I haven’t had much luck with my VX6R unless I’m line of sight with the gateway, but it’s a different story with 50W
Another thing you could try is if you can hear the TX from the VX6R: this will require a second radio, but it’s a good tool to see if it at least sounds right .
Lastly, check your outstanding frames and fracktime settings. Reducing the frames and increasing fracktime will let you determine earlier if your signal is sufficient for a connection. Sometimes I would try o send a large number of packets, and I would QRN in that timeframe, killing the connection.

Hope this helps!

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your input. I have ordered the connection cable for my mobile Yaesu 8900R, and I will try to see if the extra TX power helps.

More power helps. Cannot hit much with FT70, but even 25w on the FTM6000:. NICE!

I have a setup of Android phone<>usb-c to usb-c<>digirig<>home rolled cable per K0TX spec<>Baofeng UV-5R<>rooftop discone antenna for testing.

In WoAD I am able to get the uV-5R to xmit, yet my outbox has messages remaining after the xmit event. I also have a second UV-5R that I am monitoring with and can hear a noise burst when the WoAD UV-5R xmits.

I’m new to WinLink but shouldn’t there be some kind of syn/ack that takes place? Shouldn’t WoAD be listening to any traffic on the frequency and give an indication when it receives?

All I am seeing in the WoAD logging is:

node I’m trying to reach < my call [last] C|R=Command U_SetAsyncBalanceMode P=1

Google searching for same did not come up with pertinent info.

I’m not seeing anything else in the logging except for when I manually start/stop the session. I have every logging function enabled to help look for clues.

I am running Dan’s recommended settings from this thread with no luck.

This after trying all WoAD default settings.

As an aside I was successful in getting digirig to work with APRSdroid, so I’m fairly confident in the hardware (digirig, cable, radio). I feel this is a settings issue I’m missing, but the lack of logging is not giving me a direction to look. I have also been successful in sending messages from WoAD with tlenet.

Winlink node is ~2 miles away. I’m hopeful that an HT with roof mounted antenna can hit this but maybe I am too far away? Maybe I’ll go over and sit outside the node since this setup is portable?

Kinda at a loss here. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


hi. i want to connect digirid with woad. But settings isn’t true. You can help me.