WoAD is me; To which DR to.get!

OK, I have the updated WoAD program. Works on telnet. Tried connecting it to my legacy DR. No Go. Seems the Trip Prepper is using the DR Mini with good luck. Will I have to get the Mini for this to happen? Will I need new rig to DR cables?

Sorry. Feel like George Jetson right now.

i use a regular ol’ digirig ‘mobile’ version with woad and a galaxy s7 active

no problems. (have used RTS ptt as well as CAT/C-IV ptt for different radios)
only using 1200baud packet with woad of course.

good luck

I am using WoAD 1.5.1 9600Bd with the Digirig mobile.

see, i have to pay more attention to updates

new release supports audio generation for 9600 AND 300
(my bpq32 node is ok with 300bps but i know official winlink software dropped 300 packet)


Speaking of WoAD: the techprepper just dropped a new video demonstration the configuration with Digirig Lite:

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Does the maker of the cell phone make a difference over which DR to get. Mine is MOTO. Or is there a recommended C-C USB cable to get?

For easiest connection the phone with a USB-C connection is preferred. With Digirig Lite there is no need for a separate USB-C cable.