Would the real COM port please stand up?

When I plug in the Digirig, the Device Manager gives me two (2!) associated COM ports:

COM3 stays even when I unplug the Digirig but COM5 disappears.

I can uninstall COM3 device, but it comes back when the Digirig is plugged back in.

What is the problem, and how can I fix it?

I don’t know how to fix this. I can’t answer your questions.

It might not prevent you from using the Digirig if your control program can trigger PTT via COM5 when the Digirig is plugged in.

73 Constrainted

Only one COM port is coming from Digirig and that’s the one that disappears when you unplug it.
Sounds like it’s COM5 in your case. Use it in your digital modes software configuration.

COM3 must be coming from some other equipment connected to your computer. E.g. my ICOM IC-7300 also uses the same UART Bridge so there’s a Device Manager entry that walks, talks and acts like Digirig but not quite Digirig.


Ah, perfect. THANK YOU!


Congrats on the success!

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