WSJT-X settings for Kenwood TS-440S

Charles KF0FZV shares his working WSJT-X settings for TS-440S:

Win-11 on an HP laptop.
Kenwood TS-440S with the IC-10 rig control kit installed (two ICs).
DigiRig with RS-232 levels, DigiRig DIN to 3mm cables kit for ACC-1, ACC-2.
WSJT-x Audio setting: input/output “USB PnP Sound Device”
WSJT-X Radio setting:
Rig “Kenwood TS-440S”
Serial Port “COM5” (via Win DEV)
Baud Rate “4800”
Data Bits “Eight,” Stop Bits “Two,” Handshake “None”
PTT Method “CAT,” Mode “USB,” Split “Rig”
The radio beeps when it receives CAT commands (annoying…).
The ACC-2 cable has to be unplugged from the radio for the Mic to work.
Used the Win “Sound Mixer” to set a good “Output device Speakers (USB PnP Device)” volume.

Note that your COM port number will likely be different.
PTT by RTS over Digirig’s COM port would be my first choice, though CAT is also a valid option.

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