Xeigu g90 + Digirig + xpa125

I am thinking of getting a Xeigu g90. I see there are cables for it. I also plan to buy a xpa125B amp for it.

I see that there is a mini DIN splitter. It doesn’t specifically say it’s for the g90. I just wanted to make sure before buying.

Thank you.

Jerry wf5w

MiniDin8 splitter connects all corresponding pins on all three sides. The only concern in this scenario is the outputs conflict when more than one device is trying to send signal over the same line.

From a quick look at the manual for XPA125B it appears that it is only interested in PTT signal as input which is not going to be a problem even when Digirig is using the same line.

Thanks. I was wondering. I really didn’t want to buy that ce-19.

wf5w, were you able to get that working that way? I already have the G90 and the XPA125B. I would love to get digital working and this may be the way to go if you get it working.


I wound up getting the xeigu x6100 instead. I know it was 10w vs. 20w but the lure of running linux directly on the device was too much. And I love it. Haven’t run linux on it yet, but I have plans to experiment.


I ended up ordering the MiniDin8 Splitter. I connected it to the back of the radio and the 2 pigtails, one connected to the DigiRig plugged into the laptop and the other connected to the CE-19 for the XPA125B. I am still trying to learn the ins and outs of FT8 and WSJT-X but I have made contacts and and I am seeing messages so I can confirm this works for this setup.


A very important question: In the end the MiniDin8 splitter + G-90 + CE-19 + XPA125B worked or did it not work?

I’m in a similar situation, but instead of having a G-90 I have an X5105.