Xiegu G90 Flrig WSJTX Error

Hey all, I’m getting this error on my laptop about some server settings conflicting with WSJT-X through FLrig. If anyone could help let me know.

Possibly WSJT-X is unable to make connection to FlRig. Could be some firewall software preventing it. Do you have direct CAT control working with from WSJT-X?

I have control from FLrig, not WSJTX. This error occurs when attempting to test CAT in WSJTX.

I have also disabled my Windows Firewall with no luck.

I see the error message complaining about some files missing. Maybe reinstall of WSJT-X will help.

Yeah, that did nothing. Same error as before. What about the Hamlib settings? Do I need a config file for it? That seems to be the bulk of the error.

I also went back and undid some firewall setting that were causing FLDigi to be blocked. I’m about to restart my laptop and see if that made any difference.

Yeah, it didn’t work as I expected.

I would also try a different version of FlRig.
There were reports of some versions not working right.

Can you let me know what version I could use and where to find it.

Poking around the file structure on the downloads server I found this location:


Try version 1.4.7 for example.

Yeah I downgraded, and now everything works fine. Thanks for the help!

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