Xiegu g90 transmit audio problems

I can’t get the transmit audio to work through my digirig interface to my g90, receive audio is fine and radio is in line input. What settings must I check ? thanks.

Does the radio key up for transmit?
Here’s the recipe from the troubleshooting guide to check the audio output:

test audio with headphones – plug a regular 3.5mm stereo headphones into Digirig’s audio socket and initiate transmit cycle. You’ll hear digital mode sounds on the right side, this indicates your software and Digirig are working as expected

Yes it does key up to transmit but I hear the audio in my computer speakers and it doesn’t get to the transmitter. Thanks!

Norm W2NWT

There should be no audio in the computer speaker. Please make sure you select Digirig’s playback component as the output device in your digital modes software settings.

I finally corrected the problem. I am using a dedicated computer and disabled the built in soundcard and it works very well. Thanks for all your help.

Norm W2NWT

You don’t have to disable the the internal sound card. It can and should co-exists with Digirig. This way you can hear the system’s sounds with the embedded speakers and the digital modes sounds go through Digirig.

It is important to move the default device designations from Digirig to the internal card.