Y connector between Digirig and MFJ 1040 C Preselector PTT cable for Xiegu G90

I’m interested in thoughts to make a Y-splitter for a cable between a Xiegu G90 and a MFJ Preselector to be able to share the PTT line between Digirig and the reselector.

If you plan to use stock cables with the splitter then you’ll need two female 8pin mini Din connectors on split side and one 8 pin Mini Din connector on Xiegu’s side.

You can gather that from 2 sets of M/F MiniDin8 cables like this one:

When it comes to pinout it can be 1:1 between all three sides, though from what I understand in your case the preselector only needs PTT and GND lines.

Digirig’s PTT will not interfere with another PTT source. Between the two it will work as logical OR: either of the sources will trigger PTT.

For your reference here is the pinout of Xiegu’s accessory port:


The alternative to using Digirig’s/Preselector’s stock cables is to make Y-splitter that goes end-to-end. That would have MiniDin8 male on the G90’s side, 3.5mm TRRS on Digirig’s side and whatever the relay connector the preselector uses on the third end.

You may choose to combine the two approaches with Y connector going end-to-end with one downlink device and offering female socket for the stock cable of the other.

xiegu g90 power amplifier cable available on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/324485839063
Is what I’m using now. How would I tee off this?

My take would be to get that M/F MiniDin8 cable from Amazon and combine that with your ebay cable.

MiniDin8 male goes into G90, MiniDin8 female is where Digirig’s stock cable would plug and what appears to be an RCA connector on a longer cord would go into the preselector. Connections between M and F ends of the MiniDin8 are 1:1. Sleeve of RCA connects to GND, center pin connects to PTT.

So get the digirig, it’s stock cables for the G90, then splice the eBay cable into the one from Amazon, are the wires inside color coded? After moving across country twice I’m a bit tool less. Mentally as well as literally. No meters unless I go buy one.

Yes, from my experience the wires inside of the factory made MiniDin8 cables are colored so you’ll have no issue matching ends 1:1. You’ll need a continuity tester to find which pins are for PTT and GND. I’d recommend getting one. I’ll be getting one on the new place after buying a toothbrush :slight_smile:
Doesn’t have to be fancy, it can cost less than that cable you’ll cut up.