Yaesu ft-891 Digirig WSJTX suddenly no hearing/decoding

Let me preface that I’m new to digital modes.

However I’ve set up my ft-891, drivers, WSJTX configurations and have been working ft8 all week different frequencies successfully. I realize famous last words are “nothing changed” but this morning when I fire things up, in WSJTX the waterfall is all red, the left meter (dB) is not registering anything.

I have done a factory rest on the ft-891, uninstalled driver, rebooted laptop, installed driver, rebooted laptop. Same results.

I’m leaning toward the digirig and or cable has failed?

Greatly appreciate any feedback.


Oddly enough, plugged the digirig into a different USB port and all is good. The port it was in has been the same port all week. The USB port isn’t bad, as I have plug my network cable into the USB port the digirig was not working on and my network connection still works.

It’s always the last thing you think of or try…4 hours troubleshooting this, but at least it’s working and don’t have a faulty digirig or cable. Definitely frustrating though.


Congratulations for working through it. Thanks for reporting it here. I often seem not to solve my problems until I ask for help on a public forum.

73 Constrainted