Yaesu FT-897 - My Settings

Here are all my settings for the FT-897, which is connected to an Evolve III Maestro Windows laptop with a digirig and cables. These are as close to universal settings as I have found for this transceiver. I don’t use any software attenuation with this setup. There may be other ways to set this up that work better, but this is what’s working for me. It may be a good starting point if you’re struggling to get this radio running.

For my settings on Winlink, click here: Winlink FT-897 Digirig; my settings - Digirig Forum

Windows sound settings

Flrig 2.0.02





Transceiver settings
RF Power Set (menu 75) of 50 watts and over creates enough RFI to cause connection issues with my laptop. Your mileage may vary. If you encounter strange, inconsistent connection issues, drop power, space equipment apart, ground equipment, and put ferrites on both ends of everything. 40 watts max does well with my setup.

Dig Gain (menu 37) set to 8 or 10. This puts the ALC meter just above the “C” on the transceiver’s screen, and ensures full power output (measured with a meter plugged in under the transceiver front end). Some modes seem to need more or less Dig Gain. If the Dig Gain is much lower, the transceiver will have no output power.

CAT Rate of 4800 is required by my AT-897 tuner.

AGC on and set to fast. The AGC on this transceiver is outstanding.


Thanks for sharing. This is great info.
My only note is that I would move “default communication device” from Digirig’s audio components. These are used for voice over IP calls so if you answer a Skype call the other side might get a chorus of FT8 from your radio :slight_smile:

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Oh, I didnt realize that! Thank you; I will change it.

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Do you have any advice for how to do this? I am not finding the setting to remove the default communications device label from the digirig.

In Windows 11, I use mmsys.cpl to select another device as the default communications device:

Selecting another device will unselect the Digirig USB audio device.

@Drew_Rinella Also thanks for being one of the all-time great contributors to this forum, ever since I have been on here.

73 Constrainted

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Thank you for the advice and the kind words.