Yaesu FT-950 set-up was working

The 950 was working and I had 3 QSOs in FT8.
I then wanted to have the Elecraft KX3 set-up as another instance (using the video by K0PIR) and that has its own issues that need to be addressed later.
So, I wanted to come back to the 950 and found I lost the entire set-up; but I was able to re-enter from photos taken of the working set-up.
Test CAT works, “Tune” works and I can adjust the ALC.
It won’t decode; error message is “Error in Sound Input. An error opening the audio input device has occurred.”
TIA for any help.
73 jerry km3k

Is it plugged into the same USB port?
System can create a new instance of the sound devices when you use a different USB port and those will have to be configured again. Also check that windows privacy settings allow access to microphone from apps.