Yaesu FT857D connection issues FLdigi & JS8Call

Problem/questions on digital settings for Yaesu FT857D for “FLdigi” and “JS8Call”:

RIG: Yaesu FT857D

INTERFACE: Digirig (for FT857D)

COMPUTER: Dell Latitude (running Windows 10)

Downloaded and installed driver from Yaesu website for FT857D

Device Manager / “Ports (COM & LPT)” discloses the following named driver:

“Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3)”

[note this driver does not indicate “Enhanced” or “Standard” and this
is the only driver shown for my rig after a download and install]

I’ve exchanged wires into the back of the digirig mobile (from the back of the FT857D) and there has been no change in the outcome.

Can you use direct CAT control with FT857D in FLrig and JS8Call?

  • FLdifi
    • Configuration
      • Soundcard
        • Devices
          • PortAudio
            • Playback SHOWS:

“Speakers (USB PnP Sound Device)” <<<< IS THIS CORRECT?

  • JS8Call
    • Settings > Audio > Modulation Soundcard SHOWS:
      • “Speaker / Headphones (Realtek(R) Audio)” BUT should SHOW:
      • “Microphone (USP PnP Sound Device)”?
        Tim KG7YAR

@yar That is frustrating. I do not own this radio but I want to give you a response. There is a troubleshooting guide. This will help you separate the audio, PTT and CAT issues as problems arise. Doing audio, followed by PTT, then finally CAT is sure to lead to success.

You mention flrig. Many operators who use fldigi and wsjt-x do not choose to use flrig for CAT control if the radio is supported by hamlib. The Yaesu FT-857D is supported by hamlib. It is up to you.

73 Constrainted

Thank you…looking at “trouble shooting” now.

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