Yaesu FT857D digrig Vara HF

Hi there. I am trying to manage the settings for Vara HF and FT857d via Digirig mobile, but I can’t get to the end…
Does anyone manage to do it? I know it’s a silly question but I can’t image what can I do more to make it work.
Thanks in advanced, Rob

This calls for more information. Following the setup guide, how far did you get in the process?
It is structured in the way that each new steps relies on the successful completion of the previous.

Hi Denis, thank you for the reply.

Well, I followed the setup guide and I had managed to make the setup for the audio and cat. While is connected to the radio, the audio works but I have no ptt from the PC to the radio.

All these are regarding VARA HF. Using the setup for js8call it’s working perfect.

With JS8Call working we know the hardware and drivers are all good.
Let’s look at Vara HF’s configuration screens. Please post the screenshots for CAT and PTT configuration forms.

I hope the pic’s resolution is good enough to see the text. These are my settings.

Try this:

Hi there again, sorry for my delay but I’m living on a different time zone :slight_smile:
Well, I did not work with that box checked, after making the setting as motioned in the picture , I still got no PTT control

Does your cable have PTT line connected (pin #4 to ring 2)? Here’s the pinout for 1200 baud 6 pin MiniDin Yaesu audio cable.

well, no. I had built the version with TRS jack

You can use TRS cable if CAT is connected and selected as PTT source. FT-857D supports that.

I had made the cables as described in this page, I have a CAT one and sound one too. It’s working fine with js8call but not working with VARA HF. Do you think it’s necessary to make the trrs version too? By the way, this 4 pin cable jack with 6 pin mini din it’s enough, without the need of the 8 pin mini din cable?

These are the correct cables for Digirig 1.5 or earlier (using TRS connector). Both cables are required.

With Digirig 1.6 or later (using TRRS connectors) it is possible to operate digital modes with just audio cable, CAT cable is optional.

CAT cable for this version, will be also TRRS?

You can use the same TRS pinout as in the old post, just make sure 3.3V is not enabled with the solder pads.

Well, here I am back with some updates. Maybe will be helpful for someone else too.
I managed to make it work. Bellow you can see a print screen of my Vara hf radio settings linked with DigiRig 1.9.
Radio model: Yaesu FT-857
USB Digital - checked
Radio control port - COM-your number - baud 9600
PTT Port: y8x7
Using the TRS cables
Digirig Vara HF yaesu ft857d

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