Yaesu FT857D FLDIGI not sending tones

Just a observation…
I am running a WINDOWS 10 Machine with Yaesu FT857D. The issue that I am seeing is, FLDIGI will not use anything but the rear data port on the 857D for THIS software (FLDIGI).
The symptoms are, it does not send tones if in the USB mode, it does if DIG mode is selected.
This is the only software that does this? I run WInlink, Ham Radio Deluxe with DM 780, ALE and a couple other MARS programs with Digirig and it does not require that I select Digital Mode, rather they all use USB.
Just curious, but working over the weekend to see if I can overcome. I really like this hardware, it has performed really great .

This did the trick. Not other Rig Control except HARDWARE

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@barry.wells That is good news! Thanks for following up. I saw your post in the other thread as well:

73 Constrainted