Yaesu FTDX-1200 Digirig Issues

Hi Everyone,

So I bought the cables I need for my Yaesu FTDX-1200 and have been trying for months to get this thing to work. I then put it off for a few months as life got pretty busy and I’m back at it trying to get it to work but no matter I do nothing is going to the radio. I’ve tried to get this to work on WSJT-X and CAT control just fails each time. I have the pads in the Digirig soldered for RS232 as this radio uses RS232 for CAT control. So finally I decided to do a loopback test and followed the instructions provided on the troubleshooting page here on the Digirig website. Now my issue is all I have connected to the digirig is the USB-C cable from Digirig to the Digirig itself and I’m getting character output in PuTTY without even connecting the TRRS to DB9 cable. Am I looking at a defective Digirig board? Or is there something that I’m missing here? Any feedback to help solve this issue would be awesome.

Ok so I’ve figured out why the digirig was outputting without anything connected to it, it was because I still had a bit of the logic level pads still connected so I’ve gone over it again with an xacto knife and ensured this time nothing remained on those connections and I resoldered everything to be on RS232 connections however now when i do the loopback nothing is coming back. I may have a dead cable.

When you are doing loopback test, make sure you connect pins 2 & 3 on the DB9 side of the cable.
DM if you want me to re-test your Digirig and make sure that the serial port survived the solder jumpers modifications.

I can’t really speak to the hardware issue as I am using the RS232 configured Digirig and Digirig cables, but I can tell you I have successfully configured Winlink to work with my FTdx-1200 using the Digirig with CAT control. Once the Digirig and cables are correct there are specific configuration changes that need to be set in both Winlink and in the FTdx-1200 menu without which you are doomed to a life of disappointment. If you would like me to post the settings let me know otherwise I hope you have sorted it out.

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