Yaesu FTM-200DR is Rock Solid with M17 Digital Voice

I connected an FTM-200DR mobile (dual band but single receiver) to my digirig using digirig’s Yaesu 10 pin Mini-DIN 9600 baud cable. I used M17 Tools m17-mod-gui to generate the M17 signal and key PTT. The M17 signal is rock-solid perfect (see M17 graph at bottom left of the graphic).

In the FTM-200DR settings menu I selected data speed of 9600 on the “A” band then set my hotspot frequency to the “A” band and set straight FM mode (no auto mode select). That’s all the configuration that needs to be done for M17.

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I posted an update on transmit and reception of M17 using an FTM-200DR + digirig + M17 Tools “M17-RTX Gui” here: Digirig M17 support? - #30 by RobRob