Yaesu FTM-400 cable capabilities

What capabilities does the Yaesu MiniDIN cable have with the FTM-400? Specifically I am wondering if it would work with the RT Systems software, or perhaps even allow it to interface with the Wires-X software, in addition to serving as an audio interface to my PC. I am looking for a one cable solution in order to avoid cable swapping every time I want to do something different with the data port. The part listing suggests that there is some CAT control capability with the FTM-400. If true that would also be interesting to explore.

There is a 1200 baud cable and 9600 baud cable with CAT connection. Both cables support audio in both directions and PTT by RTS signal of the serial port. CAT capable cable also connects the serial port and can offer optional CAT control with capable transceivers.

You should be able to use any digital modes apps that relies on the sound card for generating the payload for the radio (which is pretty much all of them).

I bought the original “Yaesu MiniDin10 Cable for Digirig Mobile”. Just to clarify, it does NOT support a 9600 baud connection"??? I thought part of the 10 pin design is that is supports both 1200 & 9600 baud operations in Yaesu radios? That said, I am interested in the CAT control for future ops. Just waiting to see if the programs I run support it.

The audio-only MiniDin10 cable is set up for 1200 baud. The radio supports both 1200 and 9600 bauds, but uses different pinouts for each. Recently added CAT capable cable is set for 9600 baud.


Does this DR need any modifying in order to use the 9600 baud cables or is the factory setup able to make this setup work. I already have the DR and need to know if I need to modify it in order to work with 9600 Baud speeds like Vara.

No modification is necessary. The 9600 cable connects the same signal to the different pin on the radio.