Yaesu VX 6R settings for packet winlink

Yes, it took many steps but worked at the end. It was journey and I learned a lot too. I will post my exact setup when I get to my laptop.

KD9BKU - Can you post pictures of the settings you used in soundmodem like I did? Squelch and volume on the radio only affect the receive side which works for me. It’s only the transmit that I can’t get triggered.

VA7AYG - Hopefully you can post pictures like I did for me to compare.

K0TX - Is there a way to determine the firmware version of my digirig? Maybe it really isn’t v1.6.

Please see the revision printed on the back side of the PCB.
This could be the issue. Revisions 1.5 and earlier used TRS sockets. VX-6R cables is TRRS.

Here you go

K0TX, VA7AYG, KD9BKU - I FOUND THE PROBLEM. It was something stupid. First I want to apologize to you three for wasting your time and thank you for your help. The problem was I had the Digirig plugged into what turned out to be a USB 2.0 port on my laptop. After I moved it to a USB 3.0 port everything started working as it should. Transmit works on my Yaesu VX-6R and I’m sending and receiving packets.

Thank you!


No waste of time! That’s great news!!

I do not have, at the bottom of the Modem list, FX 25. How come? KA7ROL

I’m not 100% sure, are you running Winlink Xpress, and have you ran an update in Winlink recently?