Yaesu VX-8 via Digirig via Laptop, ping will key radio mike but will not connect with Winlink

I have a problem with connecting my Yaesu VX-8 via my Digirig to my laptop to begin a Winlink session. Below is the wiring setup that I’m using per the instructions you sent to me. When in Winlink and I connect with Vara FM I click on the electric plug icon. I can hear the VX-8 keying up, however I get no digital handshake or connecting to begin a Winlink session.
Is this wiring set up correct…keep in mind the wire color code on the CT-M11 Connection Cable and the 3.5mm TRRS cable, is different from your literature, however, I have verified each wire with corresponding pin and TTR wires with the “T,R1,R2, S” positions.
Any suggestions??? Thanks you 73’s
Pin #1 (BLUE) → 3.5mm TRRS (R1) (RIG_AFIN/WH)
Pin #3 (BROWN) or Pin #7 (black) → 3.5mm TRRS (T) (RIG_AFOUT/ORG)
Pin #4 (GRAY) → 390K resistor-> 3.5mm TRRS (R2) (RIG_PTT/GRN)
Pin #5 (ORG) → 390K resistor-> 3.5mm TRRS (R2) (RIG_PTT/GRN)
Pin #6 (RED) → 3.5mm TRRS sleeve (S) (GND/BLACK)

That’s frustrating. There is a guide, Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig which is helpful for this situation. It sounds like you are not getting audio out on the HT. Do you have another radio you can use to monitor? Have you checked the Settings → Soundcard in Vara FM modem to make sure you have selected the Digirig audio devices? What is the distance between you and the Winlink RMS gateway?

Keep going, you are very close to success.

73 Constrainted