Yaesu VX6R and raspberry pi

Good evening. I just receive a VX6R and connecting it with digirig 1.9 using the correct cable from digirig. When i connect the radio on the digirig start rapidly blinking green i removed the rubber ring and still the same. I have tried 3 digirig and is not working.
Can anyone please guide me on this.

Is Digirig connected to the USB? Powering it up will ensure that it is explicitly controlling the PTT line and the line it’s not subject to the external interference.

If you get PTT tripping with Digirig powered up, check into what can be using the COM port. There were reports of the GPS device daemon trying to talk to Digirig.

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Yes digirig is connected to usb port on a pi 4, running aprs. I just notice that when I go over a quarter of the volume on the VX6R , the green light starts flashing rapidly. With all three digirig i own.