Yeasu FT950 / Icom Ic735

We now have both these radios working great with RemoteHams and wsjtx :slight_smile: So glad we went with the Digirig !

Thanks for the good news!

73 Constrainted

Thank you for the report. If you don’t mind sharing, please post the cables, Digirig configuration and transceiver settings you used. Other operators looking to configure these transceivers will appreciate the info.

I was just sitting here wondering if I should do that lol, I’ll do some screen captures here in a bit :slight_smile:

The FT950 is using the Kenwood TS480 cords and the Digirig is the RS232 config.
The IC735 and the IC746 are using the Icom Din8 cables and the Digirig in the CI-V config.

So these are the settings I used in RemoteHams, the Icom 735 and 746 used the same settings.
Screenshot 2023-09-14 185337
Screenshot 2023-09-14 185617

Yaesu FT950 settings are about the same
Screenshot 2023-09-14 190109
Screenshot 2023-09-14 190150

FT950 WSJT settings

Icom 735 WSJT settings

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Great info. Thank you.
Did you have to do any configuration in transceivers’ menus?

Only in the FT950, I think it was menu 114 ? I think, I’ll have to recheck, but we set it for data I believe.
And of course the baud rates, make sure the radio is set as well as the software baud rate settings, and the computer usb port baud rate settings.
I’ll double check it tomorrow.

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