Zello gateway radio

I was hoping to see if it possible to use the digirig to create a RF to Zello gateway for my department. I have a baofeng APRS cable and one of the departments old Kenwood HT (which had a speaker/mic port) plugged in to the digirig. The sound from the radio is a little hot but I can back it down. However, the digirig does not activate the PTT and I can not use VOX on this radio. I have the Rev 1.9 digirig. Is it the cable, radio, or the digirig?

What are the PTT methods available in the software configuration?
Digirig supports PTT by RTS in all radios and via CAT command in capable radios.

I discussed this on one of my shows (S2E8 - (On the Tech Bench) Interface for PTToC - YouTube) but the biggest thing is going to be if you are using Zello for Work or regular Zello.

Regular Zello does not give you the options for the USB interface like Zello for Work does making it a little tougher. I also did create a thread asking about the COR sense pad as that works the best for the audio into Zello with DR as compared to VOX.

The question in the thread was met with some ‘why are you doing that’ and I have not experimented with it further. Search my call and you should see the thread from about the mid part of Feb.

I since looked into Zello and your request for COR detection makes sense considering that this is a voice gateway. Let me know if you are going to experiment with it and I’ll help you with any questions you might have in the process.

Sorry I have not responded. I was unable to get the baofeng to work. But I was able to get the FT70d to work. Ultimately, my goal is to get a radio gateway for by department. This setup was a prof of concept, but looking to build something more permanent.

John. Thanks for the information. I like the episode and went a head subscribed.

Thanks for the update. I can help with the Baofeng issue if you still want to use it.