3d printable enclosure for Digirig Lite

I designed a simple slide-together enclosure for the Digirig Lite and shared it to MakerWorld and Thingiverse in case any of you want to print one up.

Thingiverse: Digirig Lite enclosure by km6slf - Thingiverse
MakerWorld: Digirig Lite enclosure by Bill KM6SLF - MakerWorld

If you use the 3mf file on Makerworld the orientation and support settings should already load up, but if you’re using the Thingiverse files or have any issues importing the print profile, I printed the lid with the largest face flat on the plate and the case oriented vertically with the hole for the 3.5mm port facing downward.

I used lite tree supports, which were only generated for the case. No brim was needed when I printed with PETG, and the parts fit together nicely with no post-processing required.


Very nice. There are also designs for the standard Digirig:

73 Constrainted

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