BTECH 50x2 Gen. 1 Digirig and AllStar Link

I have a Btech 50x2 Gen 1. My question is about using this radio as an AllStar node.

Are there any special solder traces that need to be cut/made on the Digirig board itself due to the Btech 50x2 not having a real COS/COR. Or is the digirig a plug and play interface for AllStar Link and Echolink?


So I picked a couple of these premade cables from the link below. I’m gonna have to replace an RJ45 plug with a 3.5 trrs plug to work with the Digirig, but maybe I won’t have to gather the parts to make one from scratch.

The RJ45 jack on the front panel provides all radio interface connections. Looking into the front of the connector, the pin functions, from left to right, are as follows:

8- Power in (typically used with radios that provide a +8v output)

7- Unused

6 - Audio in (from radio’s speaker output)

5- Push-to-talk output

4- Ground

3- Audio out (to radio’s microphone input)

2- Ground

1- Squelch / COR input The Squelch / COR input is optional. When this signal is available from the radio (usually from an accessory or data connector) it allows the repeater to be operated without the VOX delay.

I’ve installed and set up AllStar in a laptop I had sitting around. Fabbed up cables to work with the radio, and the Digirig. Verified with a multimeter there are no shorts in the fabbed cable. I’ve tried the Digirig with several USB cables, and several programs, and 3 different devices. Can’t get anything out of anything.

You have put in a lot of work to get to this point. I do not know about all-star. You might be able to test the audio chain from computer ↔ Digirig ↔ BTech by putting a tone from the computer to the radio and monitoring. Perhaps use an APRS client or fldigi to put the tone out while the radio is in a standard mode on a simplex frequency.

Denis K0TX has a guide Troubleshooting Digital Modes – digirig.

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So I’ve spoken to an engineer about this. His opinion is radios without a proper COS are just not suitable with any FOB for use with AllStar.

@Adam That is disappointing. If you do resume the project with another radio, there is a discussion about Digirig’s COS implementation.

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