Cable or wiring for Realistic HTX-100

Good evening. Is there an existing cable to fit the digirig mobile to the HTX-100 or can someone help me figure out how to make one? I have a digital job that this radio will be perfect for if I can get it connected. Thank you

I think you will get some good guidance here. Until someone responds, please take a look at the other forum posts on the HTX-100

Kenwood, Alinco GX16 Mic Cable for Digirig Mobile – digirig

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Thank you. I worked backwards like a buffoon and posted before searching. I found the correct kenwood alinco gx16 cable.

Now I’m just curious if I need the one with or without the 3.5mm jack. Based on what I see my pins have audio out on pin 6 but I would like to confirm with someone who knows for sure.


It’s painful, but I solve many problems in the instant after I post a question.

It looks to me like it is the one linked above with the 3.5mm jack, the Kenwood, Alinco GX-16 rather than the Yaesu one. Do whatever you need to be certain.

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Thank you for your replies and help.