Radio Shack Realistic HTX-100 working with DigiRig and GX16 Mic Cable

Recently purchased a DigiRig to get an old Realistic HTX-100 (like the HTX-10) on FT8 and FT4. Easy to do with the microphone connector which has PPT, mic, and audio on the Kenwood style microphone jack. I use the following:
Kenwood, Alinco GX16 Mic Cable for Digirig Mobile - GX16 Mic Connector
Digirig Mobile - Logic Levels (default)

A new life for this old mobile as a dedicated digital rig. Tnx. 73 de Jeff


Thank you for reporting your success. I’ll update the cable compatibility tags in the store.

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I recently took on this project and am stuck at the radio not hearing the output of the digirig . It will Ptt and it will hear and decode on WSJTX but no go on audio making to radio. I got the single 3.5 cable and have it plugged into the audio side of the digi rig. Did i get the right cable or how can i make the output make it to radio it shows as USB audio device and i visually see green bars when i tune? any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

and just like that i got it working! buy a good usb cable!


Congratulations! Thanks for reporting your success.

73 Constrainted