Cables for mobile rigs without data ports

How about pre-made cables for mobile rigs without data ports!


Absolutely! What is the rig make/model?



Thx 73.

Dominic Mazoch

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I have FT-2980 cable prototyped and I’ll get it in the next production batch at some point before the end of the year. IC-2730 is also on the map and I’ll have it prototyped soon. If everything goes well, it too may be available by the end of the year. Please sign up to the email list on the website to receive the availability updates.

Thx. I have the Y FT70D. If I need to, can use an amp to get PKT/WL out.

But I got the modem, computer cable, IC706 6 pin cable and Y cable for $105 to my QTH. With rig control. You make Grants Pass OR look bad!

The 2980 cable should work with other Y mobiles without a data port.

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Ordered both for the 2730 and 2980. Cable for FTM6000 great. Gives me backup if I have issues with the 2730.

Did you get your 2980 up and running? I’m trying to use mine with the digirig with no success in direwolf/xastir.

I’ve got the digirig hooked to my 2980 for APRS and Direwolf. Works great. Once in a while I catch it causing the 2980 to be stuck in transmit. Haven’t figured that one out yet. Don’t trust it enough to leave it on unattended.

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