Can anyone provide a cable diagram for TRRS and RJ-45 for IC-2730?

Has anyone made their own TRRS and RJ-45 cables suitable for IC-2730?
I want to make my own because I can’t find this type of cable locally, the Digirig online store ones are too expensive, and international logistics is cumbersome.

If anyone has a schematic of the cable please reply, thank you very much.

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Here’s the pinout for RJ-45 cable:


Icom pin numbering is opposite Yaesu on RJ 45 connectors. I have made several home brew cables for testing purposes. It is easy to get confused on pin numbers. Just double and triple check. I stay organized by focusing on PTT first and working from there. I bought the Icom RJ 45 cable for my Icom 706 (no rig control) and I just bought an IC 2730. The cable works for both, and the quality makes it a good deal for me.
Also ordered the Baofeng cable today so I can do cross band packet. Can’t believe it actually worked on my home brew Baofeng cable mess. Enjoy the 2730.



@MrMagumba, if you want to keep mic jack available for voice on your IC-706: there are accessory 13pin and 6pin cable options for it.

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How is the shell of Digirig1.9 made? 3d printing or… Can you provide the designed CAD files?

It’s a common 25mm square aluminum extrusion cut to 40mm.

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