Can I use the AT-778UV cable for AT-5888UV?

I have an Anytone AT-5888UV dual-band mobile radio. I’m looking to see if I can get my Digirig working with it.

According to various sources (including the forums here), the MIC connector for the AT-778UV looks identical to the pinouts on my 5888UV. Can anyone confirm that the cable sold in the Digirig store for the AT-778UV would work for my radio?

I do not have either of these radios, but I do not want your post to go unanswered too long. Do you have manufacturer pinout diagrams or schematics for the 5888UV? Perhaps if you posted them, people could comment.

You can order cables from @K0TX or build them up from prototype cables like: zdyCGTime 3.5mm Screw Terminal Block Cable 3.5mm (1/8inch) Stereo TRRS Audio Male to 4 Pin/Way Female Bolt Screw Headphone Balum Converter Adapter Cable(30CM/2Packs) (4Pole/M) : Electronics

if you want to try things out for yourself.

73 Constrainted

Thanks for the reply. This is the mic wiring from the manual:

The pinouts match so you should be all set with AT-778UV cable:


Thanks. Once I get my Pi running, I’ll be looking at ordering this cable.

Stu… I am so sorry it to sooo long. Will this help at all? Note the pdf. AT-778UV Home Brew Cable or Box - Solved

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at this in more detail. Seem to be an interesting solution. My 5888UV rig is actually mobile, so I am fine just using a separate cable to connect to a computer/R-Pi.