Can not lower the incoming audio on Icom 706MIIG

I can not get the audio to lower for the WSJT-X in the FT 8 mode. Does everything else just hot audio. Can someone help me??
Same issue on my Icom 718.

You may consider to set attenuation trace:

I have no ideal what this is.
I need a detailed solution.

You need to enable the digirig attenuator. I had to do this for all three of the radios I’ve used with digirig (TM-733A, FT-1DR, FT-70DR). You remove the 4 screws from either end of the digirig and slide out the circuit board. On one side you’ll see two solder pads labeled “ATT”. Take an Exacto knife or razor blade and cut between the two pads to electrically isolate them. If you have a multimeter check that the two pads don’t have continuity. If they do then cut again until they don’t. Reassemble and you should be good.