Codan NGT AR - Cable

G’Day - Has anyone setup a Codan NGT to work with the DigiRig…??

Interesting rig. It should be straightforward to wire it up audio, PTT and even serial RS-232 programming. I’m struggling to find the pinout information. Manual doesn’t have it, not finding the schematic either. One piece of data I found is this project, but that doesn’t cover audio and PTT.

If you can locate or reverse engineer connections, I’ll be happy to sketch up the cable.

Uploading: Codan CIB.png…

This is the pinout information for the Junction box on the NGT AR (Blue Face).
One CIB is used for the Auto-Tune antenna, and the handset is an unusual sized connector.

Thank you for sharing the info. Looks like DB15 would be the way go to.
Here’s my take at it:

For Digirig’s audio/PTT we’d connect

  • tip (RIG_AFOUT) to 14 (System audio) - doesn’t mention Rx audio, but the closest match
  • ring 1 (RIG_AFIN) to 15 (TX audio)
  • ring 2 (PTT) to 10 (PTT)
  • sleeve (GND) to 4 (Ground) and 5 (Tx audio) - pinning one leg of balanced input

For Digirig’s serial we’d connect

  • tip (RIG_RXD) to 2 (RS232 Receive data)
  • ring 1 (RIG_TXD) to 3 (RS232 Transmit data)
  • ring 2 to not connected
  • sleeve (GND) to 4 (ground)
  • not connected to 9 (CTS) to 1 (RTS) - hardware flow control bypass

Digirig would have to be configured for RS-232 levels

Apologies for the delay - had an issue with the RS232 network interface board in the radio. Hope to have the radio back working sometime in the next week. I have a 2nd DigiRig on order too so there might be a delay before I get to play with it…

Similar to the Barrett 4050 I’m currently working on.

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Please post your cable pinout when you have it working.