Config Instructions for Yaesu FT-857 and Winlink


I have created a cheat sheet for configuring DigiRig for an ft857 and Winlink. I would think they would work for any Yaesu ft 8x7 but don’t know for sure. The assumption is you are using the factory data and CAT cables.

Hope they work for you.


Rick, K7RCR

DIGIRIG_CONFIG_FT 857.pdf (192.6 KB)


Will definitely try this on my 818 as I’ve wondered about how to get Winlink working on it and this may be just what I’ve been looking for!



My pleasure. Please let me know if it works okay and if I need to modify the instructions.


Rick, K7RCR

Thanks Rick! I will try this on my FT-897 and report back!

I’ll look forward to it Jorge.




Can you publish what your FT-857 settings are to work properly with the DigiRig?


Morning Jeff,

My radio settings are the same for the DR and Signalink in HF. Didn’t have to change a thing. Not sure what settings you are looking for. I used the DR with fldigi and Winlink. Certainly there were settings that needed to be changed in the software. I use the DIG mode for HF. For VHF it was the same; same settings for DR and SL except I use PKT for mode and I did have to increase Menu 071- PKT 1200 to 40. I use 25 on the SL. I guess it’s just a difference in the sound cards.

I will be transitioning to my ft 891 to see how it works with the DR. I am getting hesitant to take my 857 to the field given it’s 9 years old. The last time I had it in the field it cost $120 to get it fixed. I think it will fit the space on my desk very nicely.

Hope I answered your questions Jeff. If not please let me know.


Rick, K7RCR

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Thank you.

Do you have recommended settings for when you/we use traditional PACKET mode (not VARA FM).

I can get VARA HF, and VARA FM working, but not the basic PACKET mode.

Hello Tom,

I have never tried packet without VARA. Might be fun to figure it out. Give me some time to play around and see what happens.

Anyone else out there have it working yet?

Rick, K7RCR